Hiya! I'm MacKenzie!

I am who I am because of my phenomenal mother.
I am saved by a wonderful Jesus.
I am obsessed with Harry Potter.
(I'm a Slytherin, and proud!)
I am an avid reader.
I am a huge Spielberg fan.
I am fascinated by Wes Anderson.
I am always in my car for some reason.
I am a big advocate of naps and Netflix.
I am in love with traveling, so no matter where you want to say "Always. Forever.", I'll be right there with you!
I am always updating my bucket list.
I am "In It To End It".
I am a big believer in handwritten notes.
I am honored to always receive Save the Dates & Invitations to the elopements & weddings I am filming. 
(I have a special board for them all in my office)
I am always looking for ways to organize.
I am in love with Broadway Musicals.
I am wearing Birkenstocks 360 days of the year. The other 5, I'm barefoot.
I am a believer in community over competition.


Portraits by Avonne Photography