Here's what past couples have said about
ThreeThirty Films!

MacKenzie was amazing--from the initia contact all the way to the delivery of our film. She listened to all the aspects of the day that were important to me that I wanted on film. We are sooo happy with our video. MacKenzie is the sweetest and easiest person to work with. She was a trooper in the hike up the mountain to our ceremony. She was a blast at the reception too. I am so happy I booked MacKenzie!

- Tara

ThreeThirtyFilms has been nothing but absolutely amazing, I could not have asked for a better experience with this company. While we were planning out the budget when we first got engaged, I told my husband that I did not want/think we needed a videographer. After some convincing from my husband and watching a few of ThreeThirtyFilms' trailers, we booked ThreeThirtyFilms to capture our special day. This decision was ,hands down, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mackenzie always puts the bride and grooms' interests first, and will go out of her way to make sure the customers are happy. She helped my husband and I SO much throughout this entire process and would always make sure that the video is what we always dreamed of. The video she created is absolutely beautiful and every person that has watched it has commented on how well it captures our special day. Many friends have already asked who created our wedding video, and I proudly tell them Mackenzie with ThreeThirtyFilms. ThreeThirtyFilms will definitely be recommended to anyone who is need of a videographer!

- Liz

ThreeThirty Films has been absolutely amazing to my wife and I during our entire wedding process. As a groom, there weren't too many things I requested, but having a videographer was one. My wife and I both agree that ThreeThirty Films was the perfect choice for capturing our wedding. Our finished product is better than we could have ever imagined, the video really captures the personalities of both Liz and I, as well as shows the great time that our guests had at the wedding. Both Liz and I felt so comfortable with ThreeThirty Films from the start of our process. Communication was fast and easy, and we really were able to express our wants for the finished product. We can't thank ThreeThirty Films enough for all that was done to help capture the best night of our lives!

- Andrew

MacKenzie at ThreeThirty Films is absolutely incredible and is so talented at what she does! She made you feel comfortable in front of a camera, and she added such a comforting and fun element to our day. She made it possible for us to relive our special day through her skills. We watch our video and our sneak peak over and over and still get tears in our eyes. She truly captured our wedding day perfectly, and we could not be more amazed by her work! She was a true professional and took time to make sure all the perfect details were included in our video. I really can't say enough good things about MacKenzie. If you are thinking of hiring a videographer, but are unsure, DO IT, and make sure you choose ThreeThirty will forever be grateful!!

- Jessica

We LOVED having the video after the wedding to remember the things that mattered the most from our wedding day! The short film teaser came to us the night we got back from our honeymoon and it was seriously perfect timing to remind us of that great day!

- Taylor

MacKenzie was hands down the best! She not only did an amazing job but she was so fun to be around! She jumped right in helped wherever she could! I highly highly recommend! She made our wedding day memorable!

- Lee

MacKenzie, First off, your attitude the entire day helped keep everything leveled. Even though the guys gave you so much beef including me, I am glad you were a part of the hectic day! The video was the! We will definitely keep you in mind for our renewal wedding!

- Daniel

Mackenzie brought so much joy to my wedding day! I loved having her there every step of the way! We laughed and talked and although she doesn't know it...she kept me calm when I felt like freaking out! lol (weddings can be stressful!) She is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet! She is so good at what she does, and captures sweet moments that you don't even realize happen in the midst of everything! The moments she captures are honestly priceless. If you are considering booking with Three Thirty Films, do it! I promise you won't regret it!

- Erin

I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Mackenzie for our wedding. If I could rate 10 stars I would. I feel so blessed to have found her! From the moment Mackenzie arrived at my bridal suite to begin filming our special day, the room lit up! During the wedding, every time I looked up to see her, I just smiled because she was always having a wonderful time while working! Not only is she such a talented professional, but her personality just added so much to our special day! I really can't say enough, so the words I would use would be: amazing, fantastic, brillant, wonderful, inspiring, talented...I could go on. But simply said - if you need a videographer for your wedding, look NO further! Wonderful !!!!!

- Katalina

My husband and I weren't sure we even wanted a wedding video. I thought pictures would be plenty. WE WERE WRONG!! After watching my brother's and sister-in-law's video, we decided that it was a necessity. Mackenzie arrived to our venue early and stayed for the whole event. She was informative and upfront about pricing, time of arrival/departure, and music selections. We got to choose our own songs for the video, which made it so much more special. Her video captured so much more than the pictures could. The pictures were amazing as well, but the video is much better display of our personalities and the mood of the wedding. She got all the best moments on screen: my dad seeing me for the first time, my husband watching me walk down the aisle, our first kiss, and all the dancing and cake that followed. Mackenzie's turn around time was amazing as well. Within 2 weeks of our wedding, she had the high quality video posted on youtube and I had a flash drive with a better copy to show to our families. AMAZING quality and service. We're so glad we choose Mackenzie to be a part of our special day.

- Rachel